The Scheming Lemurs: What Could Be Better? CD

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Product Description

What Could Be Better?
This album of writing songs, written and performed by Jonny Williams, Dave Haberman, and Doug Allen, and produced by Doug Allen, for Adventures in Writing Camp’s 2014 sessions, contains:
1. What Could Be Better? (That’s what we ask when we revise.) This “mentor text” song uses the story of The Three Little Pigs to teach the “What Could Be Better?/What Could Be Worse?” revising technique.
2. Don’t Forget to Edit: (Pump, pump pump it up! I’ve finished my story I’m done!) A high energy song reminding young writers that the writing process is not complete until they’ve completed the editing step!
3. OREO – Change the World: Uses the OREO acronym for opinion writing (state your Opinion, provide Reasons and Evidence, restate your Opinion).
4. Writing as a Process: (“Brainstorm, Organize and write, write, write, write, draft and re-write again. Edit, revise, don’t forget to capitalize, write, write, publish at the end!”) A catchy way to remember the steps to the writing process.
5. Invite Me Into Your World: A song teaching techniques for creating a “world” inside your writing and helping your writer feel like they have been drawn into the literary world you’ve created.
6. Prompt Song: A teacher favorite, this song lists dozens of prompts to inspire writers with writer’s block.

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Other Details

Audio CD
Original Release Date: 2014
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Ringtail Music