Looking for something fun to do? These puzzles, stories, songs and coloring pages are a sure to hit the spot!

Get in the habit of finding things with Mister Lemur’s Train of Thought themed word finds!

Curious to know what Mister Lemur is all about? Download an assortment of stories from Mister Lemur’s Train of Thought and share them with your class. This serves as a great introduction to poetry and a sneak-peek of what they will hear in a Mister Lemur Author Visit. Mister Lemur stories are known for their rhythm and musicality. After you’ve read a story, consider re-reading the story as you listen to the authors narrate in their own voices.

Poets and songwriters are not-so-distant cousins. Listen to how one Mister Lemur poem, Come and Join the Body Band, became the lyrics to a fun and interactive song. Better yet, get your class to create and join their own body band!

Stories and songs are fun, but did you know they can also become videos? Check out what happens when Mister Lemur and his friends stumble upon an old camera and begin filming their own videos….