Mister Lemur is a ring-tailed lemur from Ranomafana national park in Madagascar. He is a writer, musician and adventurer. When he is not writing award winning collections of short stories, Mister Lemur can be found playing the bass guitar for The Scheming Lemurs or engaging in international adventures with his friends.

Mister Lemur’s Train of Thought
It Will Take a Lot of Us to Lift a Hippopotamus
The Scheming Lemurs: Rivals in Rhyme
The Santa Claus Alarm
Mister Lemur became a writer because he wanted to see the world and share it with people who do not have a chance to travel as much as he does. This short documentary from filmmaker Katy G. Lemur (with narration from Zebu) tells the story of how Mister Lemur began his path to becoming the most famous literary lemur in history.