How to Write a Teamwork Story for the Mister Lemur Contest

If Mister Lemur has visited your school more than once, you most likely saw Jen’s assembly about teamwork. She reads “It Will Take a Lot of Us to Lift a Hippopotamus”, a great example of a story about teamwork that has 5 essential story elements.

You’re here because she challenged you to write a story about teamwork using the 5 basic story elements. Do you remember what they are?

  1. Setting
  2. Problem
  3. Characters
  4. Resolution
  5. Moral

Before you begin, think about a time that you tried to accomplish something by yourself but were unsuccessful. If you need some inspiration, try asking a friend, parent, or teacher about a time they needed a little help from someone else.

Use the following questions to guide your story.

  1. WHERE were you?
  2. WHY were you unsuccessful? Did you lack a skill, idea, or tool?
  3. WHO did you ask for help? What skills, ideas, or tools did you think they would bring? Did they help you solve the problem?
  4. HOW did the problem get resolved?
  5. WHAT did working with others teach you?

Now that you have an outline for your story, it’s time to write it into a story and an illustration. Don’t forget to edit!

Remember, your story can be funny, sad, or heartwarming.

We can’t wait to read your stories and see your illustrations!

Happy Writing!
Mister Lemur